" The whole trip encompasses personal and leadership growth, great food, awesome company and breath taking views with memories that will not be forgotten. I would absolutely encourage people to at least try this once in their life..."

Ane Jacobs

" People take time to change, the way they think, they have to have constant questions given to them in order to really make them think and reflect. It really made me try and broaden my view and look into my own life, ultimately it made me change the way I think on a few things."

Stephan Erasmus



Do you think hiking is only about walking narrow paths, rejoicing in mountain climbs, facing physical challenges and celebrating nature? Think again. Hiking is more than putting one foot in front of the other, it is about having your mind blown by the perfect sunset or feeling the humbling exhaustion of a day's hike as you finally approach a long-awaited viewpoint. Any trail is a powerful, active force that teaches you important life lessons, which are often simple, overlooked truths that draw hikers into wild forests, challenge them through and over mountains and rocky coastal paths and pushes them out of their comfort zones. Why Leadership Training on a hike?

Seeing life from the clouds makes the world manageable, work is seen in the correct perspective, relationships seem amiable. From the ceiling of the world, the everydayness of life doesn’t get all your attention. Worry becomes absolute. Viewing from magnificent altitudes let you look at life differently; see other possibilities not seen from below.
Life is not a destination but a journey, not a mad rush to get to the end. Hiking teaches you to slow down, observe the world around you and to listen to your body. When you have hiked further than you can bear, you learn the power of slowing down, enduring and becoming humble, realising that not everything will go your way when you want it to. When you feel you cannot give one more step, then your body still has 60% to give.
Life can be compared to a long hiking trail. Sometimes we give up too easily on our hopes and dreams, and allow ourselves to be overcome by dejection or disappointment. As you hike you learn to keep going by putting one foot in front of the other and not ringing the quit bell. When applied to other aspects of your life, it can produce major results. Having achieved the victory by not giving up, you will be able to apply it to any life struggle.
Do not think that you are humble. Be careful as the mountains will reveal any traces of an inflated ego or vanity in your life. Nature is a raw force, unfettered and unforgiving, that can take your breath away with the magnificence of a landscape or bring you to your knees with the ruthlessness of a freak storm. In the mountains, where the weather changes without warning and the vistas of river valleys get more rewarding the higher you get, a hike is a thorough lesson in humility and respect for nature.
On a hike you have ample opportunity to filter through all the noise of people, social media updates and to think about what is truly important. You can be yourself in your simplest form, free from expectations and undesired pressures. You are able to clear your head of all the clutter and makes creativity and changing more plausible. A hike is therapeutic, leaving you inspired and replenished with the energy, creativity and solutions to cope with life’s challenges.
In your everyday life you spend a lot of time worrying about the future and that which you have no control over – killing your passions and depleting your energy levels. While hiking you cannot spend your energy worry about what lies ahead. You will face numerous unknowns and the victory of crossing them eliminates your fear for the unknown and the future. You become much stronger and resilient.
It is not the physical journey but what happens on the inside that draws hiker to beautiful scenery. You learn not to miss precious details by paying attention. While hiking you become curious, observant and teachable as a child. Life becomes fun.
Hikers are most at home while hiking on the trail through woods, moving toward the next viewpoint, crossing rivers and arriving at refuges for the night. The feeling of home comes from the ability to be in the moment: determined, attentive and content. This kind of contentment is what defines home and where peace rules.
Many opportunities spring forth as you hike: getting in contact with other religions, playing soccer with orphans, watching men carrying 100 kg plus provisions on a trail, walking with flip flops over snowy trails, caring enough to reach out to another. As a hiker you’re more likely to experience life-changing moments as you venture off the beaten path of life.
Most hikers have experienced to the soaking experience of a sudden shower or days of walking in rainy conditions. They all discovered the true meaning of the kindness from a stranger and the response of gratitude. Kindness and gratitude meet one another and makes life’s journey more beautiful.


Transformational Leadership training, whether done during a hike, or in the classroom or in your own time, calls out the great leader residing in anyone. It is about identifying and addressing personal or organisational constraints to empower people to maximise potential, develop healthy, trusting relationships, reignite purpose and produce profit, leading to success by achieving the results you want to achieve. By learning and applying the simple tools provided during Transformational Leadership Training, the dream of "What If?" can be changed into the reality of "What Is!"